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Appatlo Okadundevadu Telugu Movie Live Review & Ratings

Appatlo Okadundevadu Telugu Movie Live Review & Ratings

Overall Rating : 3.33/5.0

Total Reviews: 6

67% out of 100% from below 6 reviews

Appatlo Okadundevadu movie review and rating arround the web. Appatlo Okadundevadu movie average rating is 3.33 out of 5.0 based on 6 reviews. Average movie review percentage is 67% out of 100% from below websites (Telugu Mirchi, Chitramala, Telugu360, Times of India - India Times, 123 Telugu, The Telugu Film Nagar, ).

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Appatlo Okadundevadu Movie Reviews Arround the Web

Telugu Mirchi Appatlo Okadundevadu Movie review
Telugu Mirchi

Verdict :

A story about a man named Railway Raju (Sree Vishnu) and the incidents that happened between 1992 and 1994 at Hyderabad. Railway Raju aspires to become a cricketer but his life undergoes some major twists and finally becomes a murderer. On the other hand, police officer Imtiaz (Nara Rohith) aims to curb Naxalism

Rating : 3.50/5.0

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Chitramala Appatlo Okadundevadu Movie review

Verdict : Appatlo Okadundevadu is one of the rarest good films in the recent times. The film is surely going to be a path breaker in the Telugu film industry. The best part of the film is the story and its screenplay. The way Sagar Chandra, the director of the film connected the events with true incidents through a unique screenplay is excellent. The writing is a major plus point in the movie. Appatlo Okadundevadu has so many good moments for which you will be amazed.

Rating : 3.50/5.0

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Telugu360 Appatlo Okadundevadu Movie review

Verdict : Appatlo Okadundevaadu many not create sensation but is a good attempt. It is difficult to predict box office result now itself as Telugu viewers are reputed to reject good films like Manamanta. The film takes viewers to 20 years back from the routine films.

Railway Raju (Sri Visnu) loves his mother, father and cricket. He works hard to realize his dream of becoming a star cricketer. Even his coach supports him. He loves Nitya (Tanya Hope) dearly and even she loves him. Imtiaz (Nara Rohit), encounter specialist hates naxalites as he lost his parents in naxal attack. From then on he is on a mission to wipe out naxalites and will even go to the extent of breaking the rules.

Rating : 2.75/5.0

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Times of India - India Times Appatlo Okadundevadu Movie review
Times of India - India Times

Verdict : However, the screenplay and the scenes will keep you engrossed and your attention from waning. Appatlo Okadundevadu is a gripping story, high on action and emotion. A rare feat to achieve and yet delivered effectively.

Railway Raju (Sri Vishnu) has just one dream, to play cricket for the Indian Team. An unexpected turn of events make Raju the target of encounter specialist, Imtiaz (Nara Rohith). Raju turns to a world of crime to take revenge on Imtiaz and thus starts the cat and mouse chase between the two.

Rating : 3.50/5.0

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123 Telugu Appatlo Okadundevadu Movie review
123 Telugu

Verdict : Appatlao Okadundevadu is a film which has some very engaging and emotional moments. Credit should go to Nara Rohit for backing a script like this and even agreeing to do a supporting role which sticks to the story.

Railway Raju(Sree Vishnu) is an upcoming cricketer who gets embroiled in a deadly case of naxals because of his sister. The case is handled by a fierce police officer called Ibrahim Khan(Nara Rohit) who troubles Railway Raju big time.

Rating : 3.25/5.0

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The Telugu Film Nagar Appatlo Okadundevadu Movie review
The Telugu Film Nagar

Verdict : Undoubtedly 'Appatlo Okadundevadu' is a different attempt that would deserve a big applause. Watch the movie in the theater and enjoy.

'Appatlo Okadundevadu' purely deals with the incidents which happened in Hyderabad during the 1990s and the major story revolves around Nara Rohith and Sree Vishnu.

Rating : 3.50/5.0

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