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Kathalo Rajakumari Telugu Movie Live Review & Ratings

Kathalo Rajakumari Telugu Movie Live Review & Ratings

Overall Rating : 1.71/5.0

Total Reviews: 7

35% out of 100% from below 7 reviews

Kathalo Rajakumari movie review and rating arround the web. Kathalo Rajakumari movie average rating is 1.71 out of 5.0 based on 7 reviews. Average movie review percentage is 35% out of 100% from below websites (Telugu Mirchi, Telugu360, Great Andhra, 123 Telugu, Times of India - India Times, Telugu Cinema, Mirchi9, ).

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Kathalo Rajakumari Movie Reviews Arround the Web

Telugu Mirchi Kathalo Rajakumari Movie review
Telugu Mirchi

Verdict : Mahesh Surapaneni might have written a good script but could not show it perfectly on the screen. Many silly situations seem logicless. Comedy quotient is missing and dragging narration makes you bored very frequently. Overall there is nothing much to spend time in theatres. If you still have lavish time you may try.

Arjun (Nara Rohith) is a movie artist who prefers villain roles and also behaves the same in real life. He is an introvert and seldom mingles with people. A single incident changes him completely. He loses his talent of acting and his villainy skills.

Rating : 2.00/5.0

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Telugu360 Kathalo Rajakumari Movie review

Verdict : Kathalo Rajakumari is an utterly nonsensical film for any kind of audience. How a cinema villain, who is very arrogant off-screen as well, tries to change his attitude is the core point of this film. Nara Rohith who was known for choosing different kinds of stories, failed to pick one this time. An avoidable fare.

Arjun Chakravarthy is a numero uno villain in Telugu film industry. His craze is nothing short of any star hero. Arjun gets carried away by his on-screen image and soon becomes egoistic, head strong in real life too. Meanwhile, a major accident changes his outlook towards life and transitions him into a soft natured guy.

Rating : 1.00/5.0

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Great Andhra Kathalo Rajakumari Movie review
Great Andhra

Verdict : Weak narration

Arjun (Nara Rohith) is a star. He is famous for playing villain characters and in real life too he is headstrong. After winning many awards, he finds that he no longer can express meanness.

Rating : 2.00/5.0

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123 Telugu Kathalo Rajakumari Movie review
123 Telugu

Verdict : Kathalo Rajakumari is yet another disappointing outing from Nara Rohit. Though the first half is okay with some passable moments, the second half completely disappoints the audience with its boring and slow paced narration. All those who like different love stories can give this film a shot and the rest can stay away.

Arjun(Nara Rohit) is an arrogant film star who leads his life by degrading his fellow staff all the time. When everything seems to be going fine, a major car accident completely changes his mindset and perception towards his staff.

Rating : 2.25/5.0

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Times of India - India Times Kathalo Rajakumari Movie review
Times of India - India Times

Verdict : When a debutant director comes out with a script and compares his 'feel-good film' to blockbusters like 'Ninnu Kori' and 'Fidaa', one goes in with high expectations.

Arjun (Nara Rohith) is a superstar, famous for his roles as a menacing villain in many films. Shourya (Naga Shourya) is an actor who doesn't get enough recognition despite playing roles of a justice-seeking hero on screen.

Rating : 1.50/5.0

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Telugu Cinema Kathalo Rajakumari Movie review
Telugu Cinema

Verdict : 'Kathalo Rajakumari' has poetic title but the film doesn't have beautiful princess. Nor is its narration engaging. Despite good concept, the dull story telling mars the mood.

Arjun (Nara Rohith) is a movie actor known for playing negative roles in a pitch perfect manner. He wins awards too. An accident turns him into soft guy and this changed nature of his also reflects in his performance.

Rating : 2.00/5.0

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Mirchi9 Kathalo Rajakumari Movie review

Verdict : Kathalo Rajakumari fails to engage as a whole and ends up being an easily skippable movie.

A villain Arjun Chakravarthy (Nara Rohit) loses his mojo after an accident. To regain his mojo back, he must face the biggest enemy of his life.

Rating : 1.25/5.0

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