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Okkadu Migiladu Telugu Movie Live Review & Ratings

Okkadu Migiladu Telugu Movie Live Review & Ratings

Overall Rating : 2.00/5.0

Total Reviews: 4

40% out of 100% from below 4 reviews

Okkadu Migiladu movie review and rating arround the web. Okkadu Migiladu movie average rating is 2.00 out of 5.0 based on 4 reviews. Average movie review percentage is 40% out of 100% from below websites (Times of India - India Times, The Hindu, Telugu360, Telugu Mirchi, ).

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Okkadu Migiladu Movie Reviews Arround the Web

Times of India - India Times Okkadu Migiladu Movie review
Times of India - India Times

Verdict : There are very few scenes in the film that manage to evoke any kind of emotion from the audience, despite the whole film relying on a heavy dose of melodrama. But where the film fails at most is its drawn out, unriveting narration and choppy editing.

'Okkadu Migiladu' is the story of displaced Sri Lankan Tamilians who find themselves stuck with the tag of 'refugees' all their lives. The mistreatment they face both in India and Sri Lanka, with either country refusing to accept them as their own, forms the crux of the story.

Rating : 2.00/5.0

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The Hindu Okkadu Migiladu Movie review
The Hindu

Verdict : Manchu Manoj, go overboard leaving no room for subtlety.

This film comes with a lot of passion to tell a story of refugee crisis and surviving against all odds, journeying from a war-torn homeland to seek protection in another nation, only to learn that the exploitation may not stop.

Rating : 2.00/5.0

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Telugu360 Okkadu Migiladu Movie review

Verdict : Okkadu Migiladu is a futile attempt to depict the ordeal of srilanka refugees who escape from srilanka to reach India. The refugees’ boat journey covers entire 2nd half and their fight with srilanka army is showcased in the first half. An overdose of violence, excessively sentimental scenes and lackluster narration make audience restless throughout the film.

This film is an official remake of tamil film ‘Ravana Desam’, but it was not officially announced. Majority of the film's visuals have been reused from Tamil film. In case of remakes, people do usually re-shoot the film.

Rating : 1.50/5.0

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Telugu Mirchi Okkadu Migiladu Movie review
Telugu Mirchi

Verdict : The film is a treat to those who appreciated the refugees survival struggle and the LTTE agitation but not those who sought pure entertainment . Director show cased how the migrants from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka fought all around for their survival when they returned home . Manoj has displayed stellar skills in double role of a student leader ( refugee settler) and also an activist ( international revolutionary) . The director should have focused more on second half and made it entertaining , particularly the boat rise .

The theme runs around a Sri Lankan refugee cum student in AP whose reputation as a jovial and good Samaritan puts him into conflict with a local minister whose sons rape and kill three young girls and put the blame on him as a ganja smuggler jail him. The hero Surya( Manoj escapes from jail and vows to avenge the death of co-girl students .The second half of the film deals with his agenda .

Rating : 2.50/5.0

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