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Satamanam Bhavati Telugu Movie Live Review & Ratings

Satamanam Bhavati Telugu Movie Live Review & Ratings

Overall Rating : 3.11/5.0

Total Reviews: 7

63% out of 100% from below 7 reviews

Satamanam Bhavati movie review and rating arround the web. Satamanam Bhavati movie average rating is 3.11 out of 5.0 based on 7 reviews. Average movie review percentage is 63% out of 100% from below websites (123 Telugu, Tolly Trendz, DAPF, Telugu360, Apherald, Great Andhra, Telugu Cinema, ).

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Satamanam Bhavati Movie Reviews Arround the Web

123 Telugu Satamanam Bhavati Movie review
123 Telugu

Verdict : Shatamanam Bhavati is a clean family entertainer which showcases the various emotions that parents go through when their loved ones stay away from them. Strong family bonding, lively atmosphere, and natural performances are basic assets. If you ignore the routine and outdated story line, this film has some very decent moments which you can enjoy with your entire family this festive season.

The movie is set in the backdrop of a small village called Atreyapuram. Raju garu(Prakash Raj) lives a peaceful life along with his wife(Jayasudha) and grandson Raju(Sharwanand). The only thing which bothers him is the fact that his sons and daughter, who live abroad hardly visit him.

Rating : 3.25/5.0

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Tolly Trendz Satamanam Bhavati Movie review
Tolly Trendz

Verdict : Routine Family Entertainer. Worth a Watch

The film looks like having a very much interesting as well as impressive story. The story is set up against the backdrop of a village, a grand father and his grandson.

Rating : 3.25/5.0

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DAPF Satamanam Bhavati Movie review

Verdict : Shatamanam Bhavati is a clean family entertainer which showcases the various emotions that parents go through when their loved ones stay away from them. The esthetic visuals, melodious background score, realistic sensibilities, solid characterizations and perfect casting makes this movie a must watch for the families this season. Go for it!

Shatamanam Bhavati is a movie which explores the dynamics of the relationship between grandfather and a grandson. It elevates the village atmosphere and how todays generation are missing them in their busy life.

Rating : 3.75/5.0

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Telugu360 Satamanam Bhavati Movie review

Verdict : Shatamanam Bhavathi is a feel good family drama, filled with thick emotions and nostalgic moments. Aimed at establishing happiest moments of NRI families when they visit parents and native places, this movie is bang on target.

Set in the East Godavari village backdrop, Shatamanam Bhavtathi opens a window in the life of the elderly couple Raghavaraju garu and Janakamma.

Rating : 3.25/5.0

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Apherald Satamanam Bhavati Movie review

Verdict : Ignore the old age story and enjoy this Family drama

'Shatamanam Bhavati' is set in backdrop of a village named as 'Atreyapuram'. Raju garu (Prakaash Raj) has a happy living with his beautiful spouse Jayasudha and grandson Raju (Sharwanand). But the one thing which upsets him is his Son and daughter are living abroad and they never even visit him.

Rating : 2.50/5.0

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Great Andhra Satamanam Bhavati Movie review
Great Andhra

Verdict : "Shatamanam Bhavati" is as typical family drama with predictable scenes and routine narration.

Raghava Raju (Prakash Raj) leads happy life with his wife Janakamma (Jayasudha) in Atreyapuram. His grandson (cousin's grandson) Raju (Sharwanand) has special bonding with him and lives with him. But none of Raghava Raju's children who live abroad pay a visit to their home even for festivals.

Rating : 2.75/5.0

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Telugu Cinema Satamanam Bhavati Movie review
Telugu Cinema

Verdict : 'Shatamanam Bhavati', a family drama that has plot line as thin as Athreyapuram Putareku, has predictable scenes but also makes a decent watch. Some scenes touch the heart despite routine treatment.

Raghava Raju (Prakash Raj) and his wife (Jayasudha) have everything in life that oldage people can ask for - wealth, good health, happiness, and lush green environments. Still one thing is missing in their life.

Rating : 3.00/5.0

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